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Editing, Communications, and Cloud

Advanced iCap Workflows

Realtime writers need no introduction to iCap, with new features including secure video path monitoring, agency management APIs, and smooth integration with modem equipment.

Modern Editing Software

Scribe provides file-based offline caption editing that meets the challenges of modern professionals, with dozens of formats and quick turnaround times.

How EEG Works for You

Offline Caption Preparation with Efficient Editing

Reliable Live Connections to Broadcast Encoders

Closed Captioning Solution For Caption Service Providers

EEG has worked sucessfully with all of the major caption service agencies in the United States since the beginning of the industry in the 1980s. From connecting with dial-up modems to the iCap Cloud, we are proud of all that our partners do every day, and are committed to remaining their go-to technology and infrastructure supplier.