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From Small Classrooms to World-Class Venues

Flexible Rental Options

Short-term and affordable iCap Encoder rentals bring live transcriber data into your event quickly and simply for baseband video, streaming, or video boards.

Direct-to-Web Delivery

Falcon connects iCap captioners to web streams on YouTube Live Events and other realtime streaming services with a flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Video Board Solutions

Highly compatible serial and networked text outputs from the iCap Encoder to all types of video and text displays, from mega-screens to ribbon boards

How EEG Works for You

In Stadium Captioning - Live on the Big Screen

Handheld Accessibility to Attendees' Mobile Devices

Live Webcast Events On-Demand with iCap Captioners

Closed Captioning Solutions for Live Events

Compliance with venue accessibility regulations can seem daunting, but EEG has been there before, from professional stadiums to classrooms, conference centers, and houses of worship of all sizes. If you can get your event transcribed, we can bring the transcript to your audience in all the differences way you reach them. Repurposing is easy too with our full set of post-production tools.