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February 17, 2023 / By EEG

Ai-Media Launches Live Subtitling with GB News in UK Broadcast First

Ai-Media is excited to announce that it has launched 24/7 live subtitling on GB News. The broadcaster becomes the first in the UK to simplify subtitle delivery with Ai-Media’s end-to-end subtitling technology and market-leading infrastructure.


January 30, 2023 / By EEG

2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas This April

The Ai-Media team is proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the 2023 NAB Show from April 16-19 in Las Vegas. And what’s more, we can help you attend for free!


December 6, 2022 / By EEG

How AI is Changing the Sports Industry

The pop-up shop has given way to the pop-up network. Momentum is building in sports production to develop increasingly flexible strategies for content distribution and refine IP-based workflows along the way.


December 1, 2022 / By EEG

Access by Design: The Plan to Build an Accessible Nova Scotia by 2030

This year, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia began implementing its ambitious plan to ensure accessibility for all its citizens by 2030 – and captions are likely to play a key role.


November 23, 2022 / By EEG

Off the Cloud & On Prem: How Lexi Local Maximizes Captioning Security & Reliability

Smooth, reliable and secure delivery of live captions – whether for a virtual meeting, event or a TV broadcast – is a top priority when you’re looking to provide accessibility. But what happens if you lose internet connectivity, or worse yet, your stream is compromised by hackers?