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CCPlay FilePro: Embed Captions in Video File Libraries

Our post-production software for stitching closed captions into professional video exchange formats including MPEG transport streams, MXF, Quicktime/MP4, and more. Capable of performing caption encoding at rates of many times real-time even on mezzanine quality files, CCPlay brings captioning expertise with automation, reliability, and cost savings, to your file-based workflow.

CCPlay also includes a file-based Caption LegalizerTM that can rescue previously encoded MPEG Transport Stream or MXF files with a wide variety of caption formatting errors.

Features Include:

  • Intuitive GUI for queuing and monitoring jobs, previewing captioned media on your desktop, and tweaking encoding settings
  • FilePro Server license tier includes automation through SOAP, Windows filesystem watchers, and command-line batch scripting
  • Format support includes MPEG Transport Streams containing MPEG-2 or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video; MXF  XDCAM, MXF varieties including IMX, DVCPro, AVC-Intra, OP1a, Omneon, and AS-02; GXF; and Quicktime MOV/MP4 video file formats
  • Accepts all major closed captioning and subtitling file formats including ECF, SCC, Timed Text, webVTT, CAP, and many more
  • Automated integration with Courier Network to encode returned caption files from outsourced jobs to your master video file
  • Full multiplexing for CableLabs® compliant MPEG-2 transport streams
  • Configurable time code shift to re-sync video file and caption file
  • Inserts AFD codes, V-Chip ratings, and CGMS-A broadcast copy protection
  • Extracts timed CC files from previously encoded video files for re-editing, including AAF for Avid Media Composer
  • Direct Omneon format integration for in-place encoding of files on Harmonic/Omneon servers
  • Fast performance with no re-encoding of video essence, and no generational loss